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The JAVA applets referenced on this page can be played in some internet browsers.

Windows 98: The games can be played without additional installations, if you load their pages with Internet Explorer, which is included in Windows 98.
Windows XP: The games can be loaded with Internet Explorer, which is included in Windows 98, if JAVA 1.1.8 or the Microsoft JAVA VM is installed. You can download the Microsoft JAVA VM bundled with four games. It is only compatible to Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows XP. If you use Windows 95, the Internet Explorer must have got version 4.0 or higher.
If you use a newer Windows version, you can download an application version of the game, which exists for every applet game, and start it like described on
You can use a Linux Live DVD with JAVA and load the games with its web browser.
The linux version Linux Mint 9 Live-DVD (Isadora) contains JAVA 1.6 and the web browser Firefox. The Live-CD version of Linux Mint 9 doesn't contain JAVA. Newer versions of the Linux Mint Live-DVD also don't contain JAVA. You can download the Live-DVD iso file linuxmint-9-gnome-dvd-i386.iso from or find the file elsewhere. The 763 mb DVD iso file is from 2010. The applets in the list are compatible to JAVA 1.1.8 and MSJVM (JView). So you need an older JAVA version like in Linux Mint 9.
You find more information about transfering data to the Linux Mint 9 Live-DVD in linuxmintinfo.htm.
The iso-file can be burned on a DVD or used with VMware player or VirtualBox. If you burn it on a DVD and boot from the DVD, you may have to connect your PC to the internet with Linux Mint 9. If you don't want to connect to the internet, you can use an USB-stick filled with the files from But your storage device may not be compatible to Linux Mint 9 (4 GB or less, manufactured before 2010: then they should be compatible). If there are problems like this, you can also add files to linuxmint-9-gnome-dvd-i386.iso with a DVD-image tool like UltraISO. If you add the content of astroiso.iso to its root folder, you can find the files at Computer/file system/cdrom on the desktop of Linux Mint 9.
If you use VMware player instead of burning the Live-DVD iso file, just create a new VM, enter the iso-file location under "Installer disc image file" and select Linux/Ubuntu as guest system (Linux Mint 9 is based on it). The hardware normally doesn't have to be customized.
VirtualBox installation information can be found at linuxmintinfo.htm.
It is possible, that the keyboard layout of Linux Mint doesn't match. Then the keys y and z can be swapped (for example, DE-US) and they are needed for some games. Then select Menu, Control Center and Keyboard in the section Hardware. Remove the layout not compatible to your countries' keyboard layout and click "add". Select your country and select "Add" again. Move your keyboard layout up. The change takes effect after selecting "Close".
The internet connection of your PC is shared with Linux Mint 9, if you chose the default values in the VMware player VM create process.
So you can use Firefox to open and play the games in the browser.

If you have downloaded astroiso.iso from and use VMware Player with the Linux Mint 9 Live-DVD, you can add an additional CD-ROM drive with astroiso.iso as image (Player, Manage, Virtual Machine Settings, add). This may be useful, if your USB devices are not compatible to Linux Mint 9. Only the browser games of astroiso.iso can be played, because the tools working with files use windows-filenames.

If you want to play with a newer JAVA VM, you may have to change the security settings.
The games run with JAVA version 1.1.8, MSJVM (JView) and JAVA version 1.8. This was tested.
The JAVA swing applets are not added to this list, because they must be signed, if they should not require difficult extra security settings changes.
And the swing applets aren't compatible to Windows 98 and JAVA 1.1.
Most browsers don't show applets at all.

applets sorted by release date:

GOLDSEARCH RACE (1 and 2 players) 2.6.2024
GOLDSEARCH (1-10 players) 2.5.2024
DARKWAR TYPES B 3D (1 and 2 players) 2.4.2024
DARKWAR TYPES B 3D (1 player, reduced screen) 2.4.2024
DARKWAR BOMBER MOUSE (2 players) 5.3.2024
DARKWORLD ONESCREEN (1 and 2 players) 5.3.2024
M213D2 (2 players) 1.11.2023
M213D 1.11.2023
M21 For Two (1 and 2 players) 1.11.2023
XPOINT MAGNET (1 and 2 players) 2.9.2023
DYNAMITE BALLS 3D2 (2 players) 2.6.2023
DYNAMITE BALLS (1 and 2 players) 2.6.2023
DARKWORLD MAGNET (1 and 2 players) 2.5.2023
DARKWAR M (1-3 players) 2.4.2023
SPACFULL3D2 (2 players) 3.12.2022
SPACFULL3D 3.12.2022
DARKWAR PAC 3.12.2022
PACFULL WORLD (1 and 2 players) 2.11.2022
PACFULL3D2 (2 players) 1.10.2022
PACFULL3D 1.10.2022
DARKWAR BOMBER (2 players) 4.9.2022
BASE9 (2 players) 4.9.2022
DYNAMITE GUNS 3D2 (2 players) 3.7.2022
DYNAMITE GUNS (1 and 2 players) 3.7.2022
PACRUNNER2 (1 and 2 players) 1.4.2022
SNAKEOUT2 (1 and 2 players) 6.2.2022
FROGROUND2 (1 and 2 players) 2.1.2022
MPOINT BASE 4.12.2021
XPOOL FLEET 21.9.2021
XPOOL 21.9.2021
HSCRJAVA2 (2 players) 7.4.2021
XWORLD2 (2 players) 24.3.2021
DARKWORLD FOR TWO (2 players) 6.3.2021
DARKWAR3 (3 players) 5.3.2021
XSPACE2 (2 players) 9.2.2021
XSQUARE3D2 (2 players) 9.2.2021
XPINBALL3D2 (2 players) 8.2.2021
XARROW3D2 (2 players) 8.2.2021
STRANGEWORLD3D2 (2 players) 8.2.2021
KMOON3D2 (2 players) 24.12.2020
MPOINT3D2 (2 players) 25.10.2020
ZOOMPAC3D2 (2 players) 23.8.2020
BASE BOMBER2 (2 players) 23.8.2020
BASE BOMBER 16.6.2020
HALFSKY2 (2 players) 25.4.2020
HALFSKY 28.1.2020
VFIGHT2 (2 players) 21.11.2019
OVALBACTIVATOR (1 and 2 players) 30.8.2019
OVALBACTIVATORFLEET (1 and 2 players)) 30.8.2019
OVALORBITFLEET (1 and 2 players) 30.8.2019
BACTIVATOR (1 and 2 players) 18.6.2019
BACTIVATORFLEET (1 and 2 players)) 18.6.2019
OVALORBIT (1 and 2 players) 15.3.2019
VFIGHT 29.11.2018
MORBIT 6.3.2018
TWOLEV 16.2.2018