APPLET GAMES 3 SWING 1.7.2020 released a lot of JAVA games between 1999 and 2015. Some were compatible to JAVA 1.1, others were not compatible to JAVA 1.1, but used a deprecated JAVA API with elements of JAVA 1.1. They were released as applets, applications or both.
They all used a deprecated API and this is corrected in AppletGames3 Swing. AppletGames3 Swing contains the games 3Dlibrary examples, ActionPool, AstroJump3D, Contron, Cubeworld, CycleGravity, Darkwar, Darkwar 2 (for two), Darkwar3DForOne, Darkwar3DForTwo, Darkwar Base, Darkworld 3, Darkworld, Darkworld PHP, MadWars, Memory, Planetris, Planetris 2 (for two), PlanetVelocity, TriGame, Xball, Xhole, XRace3D, XRace3DForTwo, Xspace3D, Xspace3DForTwo and Xspace.
The games AstroJump3D, Darkwar3DForOne, Darkwar3DForTwo, PlanetVelocity, XRace3D, XRace3DForTwo, Xspace3D and Xspace3DForTwo require the free JAVA3D plugin from Oracle.
AppletGames Swing contains applet versions, which can be shown with the AppletViewer from the JDK and application versions for all of them. They can be started with "java Darkwar3D2004Application" for example from the correct working directory after the JRE from Oracle ( was installed. DarkworldOnline is a game, which can be played over the internet or in a WLAN at home. One player starts the game and other players can login and play in the same gaming world, if they have received the ip number, which can be retrieved with the small tool IPGetter in the same folder. The base game for DarkworldOnline is Darkworld, but it is played with keys and not with the mouse.