XPRO32NCORE 7.3.2022

XPRO32NCORE contains a single-core processor-description written in AstroChip, which can be transformed to a multi-core processor-description, the tool for the transformation, which is a special version of AstroChip2.1, and XPRO32Assembler XPRO32NCORE for compiling and running XPRO32 multi-core instruction code. A BrowserBasic-compiler for XPRO32NCORE is simply not required for those single-core games based on old DOS-versions. XPRO32NCORE can be used for following the data flow in the multi-core processor after defining the instruction code with the initial values of the shared memory (MODULE coremem0{ is the first memory word, where the execution starts, if the memory starts at adddress 0). The cores have own registers and program counters and the n cores can access the memory at the same time, if they don't store data at the same address. If you transform the processor-description source XPRO32fast.txt, you should not overwrite XPRO32fast.txt. You can only transform one to n cores. This is irreversible. AstroChip2.1 XPRO32NCORE and the assembler tools don't use a deprecated JAVA API and are compatible to JAVA 1.8.