SNAKEOUT2 6.2.2022

We had got 25 years of Astro Solutions on 2.6.2022 and Snakeout2 was released. Snakeout2 is a mixture of Snake and Breakout made for one and two players. The first version of Snakeout was released on 10.18.2001 and it was very similar, but the source code was deleted. You move a blue snake, which must eat the green stones and gets longer with every stone. You can define in the start panel, whether the snake can crash into itself or not. The default is, that it can crash into itself, because the alternative makes the game much more difficult. The snake isn't allowed to leave the gamefield. The yellow balls flying around must hit the red stones and absorbe them. If they hit the snake or the green stones, their flying direction is changed. The snake must be there, where the ball flies to. If it rolls over the ball, the ball is absorbed. If all balls are absorbed or have left the gamefield, while red stones still exist, you have lost. You can choose the number of green and red stones and yellow balls in the start panel. The game can be started for one and two players. The first player uses the cursor keys and the second player s, y, x and c. You can quit with ESC and restart with RETURN. The game duration and the number of green and red stones, which have to be eliminated, are displayed below the gamefield. The number of active yellow balls is also calculated. The gamefield is created with a random generator. The random generator uses a random seed as its base. The same random seed always forces the creation of the same gamefield, if the stone and ball numbers are equal. You can change the random seed in the start panel.
The version located in the main folder is compatible to JAVA 1.1.8, MSJVM (JView) and JAVA 1.8 and uses a deprecated JAVA API. You find applet-versions and swing-versions, which are compatible to JAVA 1.8 and don't use a deprecated JAVA-API, in the subfolders.