QSERVER 1.1 5.2.2024

This version 1.1 of the small http server QServer comes with some changes. The minor changes are a text/html MIME type, which means, that .htm and .html files can be shown in web browser, filenames with linux compatibility and a Swing version of QServer 1.1. The major extension is the small application QLoader. If you enter the URL of a QServer 1.1 folder, all files in the folder and its subfolders are copied to the temp/files directory. This is a subdirectory of the folder QServer1.1 or the folder QServerSwing, if you use the Swing version.
QServer can be used to transfer data over the internet or to emulators. If you select the files of astroiso.iso as QServer folder, you can access them and play the games with a JAVA browser, if the computer or emulator with QServer running on it is connected to the internet and the computer with the browser running on it also.

If you use the Linux Mint 9 Live-DVD, change to the main folder of QServer, open the context menu with a right mouse click and select "Open in Terminal". Start with "java QServer" or "java QLoader", if you want to download a QServer directory.

The QServer version in the main folder is compatible to JAVA 1.1.8, MSJVM (JView) and JAVA 1.8 and uses a deprecated JAVA API. The version in the subfolder QServerSwing is compatible to JAVA 1.8 and doesn't use a deprecated JAVA API. The version in the main folder can be used with the Linux Mint 9 Live-DVD or Windows 98 on computers or in emulators.