PACFULL3D2 1.10.2022

Pacfull3D2 is a two-player version of PACFULL with non-textured 3D graphics. PACFULL was written in December 1997 and ran with the Atari ST mono. Pacfull3D runs with JAVA. The same levels can be played, but the levels before don't have to be completed to play the next level. There are stones, which stop you and cost points, stones, which accelerate you and cost points and stones, which can be collected to get one point. The game is won, if you have got more points than the number defined in the level file. The game is lost, if there aren't enough points anymore to collect to win the game. You also aren't allowed to leave the gamefield. The cursor keys are used to move the player-ball. The first player uses RETURN to switch to camera moving mode.
The second player uses the keys s, y, x, and c. He switches to the camera moving mode with a. Press ESC to quit a level.

The version in the main folder uses a deprecated JAVA API and is compatible to MSJVM (JView) and JAVA 1.8. There are applet versions and versions, which don't use a deprecated JAVA API (they are compatible to JAVA 1.8), in the subfolders.
Pacfull3D2 isn't compatible to JAVA 1.1.8, if you don't increase the heap size. But you can increase the heap size. Use "java -mx64m Pacfull3D2" for the application and "AppletViewer -J-mx64m Pacfull3D2Applet.htm" for the applet to start the game.