Astro Solutions MPOINT BASE ATARI ST mono (Emulator)

About running the game:

This is a version of MPOINT BASE for the ATARI ST mono. It is written in Omikron Basic 3.0. It is not tested on a real machine and there are programs written in Omikron Basic, which run in an emulator but not on the ATARI ST hardware machines.
You can try to run MPOINTBA.PRG or MPOINTBA.BAS. MPOINTBA.BAS can be started with Omikron Basic 3.0.
MPOINTBA.PRG and Omikron Basic 3.0 run with the free Steem v3.2 (you can download it at The TOS-ROMS tos1.02de and tos2.06de were tested.
MPOINTBA.PRG runs in the STEmulator, which was a fast commercial product in the 1990s and is not available anymore.
MPOINTBA.PRG and Omikron Basic 3.0 run with hatari (version 1.8.0 was tested), if you use the TOS-ROM to2.06de.
You can download the omikron runtime interpreter or the Omikron 5 demo version and try to start MPOINTBA.BAS in your emulator.
There you can find the Omikron Basic 5 demo version:
Start RUN_KERN.PRG and enter RUN "MPOINTBA.BAS". Maybe the game runs with it.
There you can download a disk image with the runtime interpreter:
There you can find information about Omikron Basic:

About the playing the game:

Mpoint Base is a version of the Astro Solutions game Xpoint (or Mpoint). The object of the player starts at one position of the gamefield. It moves to the borders of the gamefield in the direction, where the mouse is positioned. The direction of the object of the player is reversed, if it hits the border or the user clicks with the mouse. The key RETURN is used to restart the game after you have lost. You can quit the game with ESC. After you have started a level by pressing any key, you only use the mouse. The player must collect the flags in each level and avoid crashing into holes or pirate stones. There are three more stone types in the first level, but they don't appear in the higher levels, because their function isn't playable well. The point-items can be collected to increase the score. The ATARI-version offers the feature to save the score.