The multicore processor specification XPRO32NCORE written and tested in AstroChip2.1 contains the two memory definition generators MemGeneratorNcore and VideoMemGeneratorNcore. Because there are multiple cores, collisions of write operations must be detected. The write operations must be in the same order for every core. The collision test of XPRO32NCORE was done in every memory cell. Memcon Special contains compatible versions of the memory generators, which test on collisions before the data words enter the memory section. This saves some transistors in every memory cell and requires few additional transistors in the extra logic. MemGeneratorNcore allows to save more transistors than VideoMemGeneratorNcore. You can replace MemGeneratorNcore.class and VideoMemGeneratorNcore.class in the AstroChip2.1 folder of the XPRO32NCORE download. Then the files are used by the chip definition creator of AstroChip2.1. The files don't use a deprecated JAVA API and are compatible to JAVA 1.8.