Dynamite Balls 3D is a version of the Astro Solutions game Dynamite. You can choose one of eleven levels and have to eliminate all enemies. This version is for one player. The player uses the cursor keys and RETURN. You can use ESC to quit the game. If you press CTRL and the cursor keys, you can change the camera position. The player defines two bases on the gamefield. This is done by pressing RETURN after selecting a position with the cursor keys. If RETURN pressed, while the player is positioned at a base, a cannonball is activated, which flies from the first base to the second base and can eliminate an enemy, if it hits the enemy. If RETURN is pressed and the player is positioned outside the bases, the first base is moved to the position of the player. The player must avoid touching the enemies or their cannonballs.

Dynamite Balls 3D is a JAVA game. The version in the main folder is compatible to JAVA 1.1.8, MSJVM (JView) and JAVA 1.8 and uses a deprecated JAVA API. You can find applet versions and versions, which don't use a deprecated JAVA API, in the subfolders.