DARKWAR PAC 3.12.2022

Darkwar Pac is a version of Darkwar Pool. You must collect balls, which are shot by the spaceships coming from the upper side of the gamefield. You get minuspoints, if you crash into the spaceships. The game is over after ten minutes and you can see, how many points you have got. There is a second game mode, where you must collect the spaceships and avoid crashing into the balls. The balls, which were shot by ships, which were collected, are not dangerous anymore and move slower. The second mode is very easy and turns out into a ten-minutes random generator, which calculates a number of points.
Use your mousemoves to play and ESC to quit the game.
Darkwar Pac is written in JAVA. The version in the main folder uses a deprecated JAVA API and is compatible to JAVA 1.1.8, MSJVM (JView) and JAVA 1.8. There are applet versions and versions, which don't use a deprecated JAVA API (they are compatible to JAVA 1.8), in the subfolders.