This is a Swing version of Base Bomber, which doesn't use a deprecated JAVA API. You can download the newest JAVA and start it by entering "java BaseBomber" in a command line tool like cmd in Windows X after changing to the directory, where BaseBomber is located. The applet version can be started with the AppletViewer from the JDK.

Base Bomber is a space shooting game with the pictures of the Astro Solutions Atari game HORISCRO ASM. Your spacecrafts flying from the left side of the gamefield to the right side of it are attacked by a fleet of enemies coming from the right side of the gamefield. You select a defense base and shoot on the attacking spacecrafts. Use the left and right cursor key to preselect a base and select it with return. Select the shooting direction with the cursor keys and shoot with return. Use ESC to select another base. You only have one missile on the screen, which is replaced, if you shoot again. This makes the game easier to play. Use DELETE to start a new game. You can select the amount of bases and enemies on the startup screen.