There is a new version of AstroChipLayoutDB1.3 Swing. You can download AstroChipLayoutDB1.4 Swing with the download link downloads/ The old version in APPLICATIONS SWING wasn't replaced, because new errors could be inserted and the old version worked fine with many AstroChip definitions. The release date of AstroChipLayoutDB1.4 is 5.7.2020.

This archive contains Swing versions of 11 applications. They used a deprecated JAVA API and this is corrected in this version. The applications contained in this archive are 3Dlib2008, AstroChip2.1, AstroChip2.3, ChipLayoutDB1.3, HyperFTP, HyperFTPSearch, LogoGraphics3D2010, PHPShareChat2, TempMessenger, XMLROM and ZIPSelect.
AstroChip2.3 runs several threads and performs parallel computing. The application runs faster on MultiCore processors then. But not every AstroChip listing runs with it and then you should use AstroChip2.1. ChipLayoutDB1.3 showed several errors. It was tried to correct them, but there can be new errors. Version 1.2 and 1.3 had different errors. The functionality wasn't changed, but x.txt, y.txt, z.txt and nmadder.txt were included as examples. The nmadder.txt description was generated with "java NmAdderTree nmadder.txt 4 4" ( There were many corrections in the swing version, not only concerning the user interface or other deprecations.
The Applet chat of PHPShareChat2 was removed, because the standard internet browsers don't show applets anymore.
6.7.2020: The applet version of PHPShareChat2 was included again in a swing version.
The livechat of TempMessenger can't be started normally because of the same reason. If you really want to start a chat conference, you can enter the link on the generated contact homepage as argument for the AppletViewer from the Oracle JDK. A small new feature was included because of these compatibility problems: You can start a livechat in the TempMessenger main window, if you enter a username, which is registered, and the user is online. So the main changes were made in TempMessenger and ChipLayoutDB1.3. The version is still the same, but has the additional name Swing (AstroChipLayoutDB1.3 Swing).