APPLET GAMES 4 SWING 1.7.2020 released a some JAVA games between February 2018 and April 2020. They were compatible to JAVA 1.1 and could be played with Windows 98 or JAVA 1.1. They were released both as applets and applications.
They all used a deprecated API and this is corrected in AppletGames4 Swing. AppletGames4 Swing contains the games BActivator, BActivatorFleet, HalfSky, HalfSky2, MOrbit, OvalBActivator, OvalBActivatorFleet, OvalOrbit, OvalOrbitFleet, TwoLev, VFight and VFight2.
AppletGames Swing contains applet versions, which can be shown with the AppletViewer from the JDK and application versions for all of them. They can be started with "java BActivatorApplication" for example from the correct working directory after the JRE from Oracle ( was installed.