Some games written as JAVA applications were released as applet games on 19.6.2011. They were compatible to JAVA 1.1 and could be played with Windows 98.
The download link is:
They used a deprecated API and this is corrected in AppletGames2 Swing. AppletGames2 Swing contains the games AstroReversi, Space Bomber, Space Bomber 2, Dynamite, Dynamite3D, MiniGolf, PipeDef, Race42, StrangeWorld3D, Xrace3D, XSpaceWorld and ZoomPac3D. The 3D games of them use CPU graphics without textures, so the installation of the free JAVA3D plugin is not necessary. AppletGames Swing contains applet versions, which can be shown with the AppletViewer from the JDK and application versions for all of them. They can be started with "java AstroReversiApplication" for example from the correct working directory after the JRE from Oracle ( was installed.

The AstroReversi application allows playing with two players at different PCs over the internet or in a WLAN at home. MiniGolf contains a LevEditMiniGolf level editor for creating own levels. XspaceWorldOnline is an application for playing XspaceWorld with others over the internet or in a WLAN at home. One player starts a gamehost server and the other players login to play together in one gaming world. If two players meet each other in the gaming world, a text message is shown on the gaming screen.