SOLEON2 26.2.2007

IMPORTANT: copy the content of SOLEON2fast.txt into the compiler window with control-v instead of using the load feature of AstroChip. Otherwise the action takes too long.

SOLEON2 is a mobile phone processor written in AstroChip on the lowest level above the physical layer. The instruction set is not compatible to any other, but microcompiling is supported so new operations can be added quite easily. There are too many instructions in most phone standards (200 and more), so SOLEON2 was running too slow. You need a license from Astro Solutions, if you want to use SOLEON2 commercial or redistribute the source. Demand is not expected because SOLEON2 is not written in VHDL. If it was written in VHDL, it could be converted into a lightmask and printed on a chip with standard chip burning equipment in a very clean production surrounding. The processor could be connected to other hardware devices (memory, hard drives, cameras, UMTS modems), because it supports the ASB interface. You can test and change the sourcecode with AstroChip.