This is a game for ATARI ST mono emulators. It is written in GFA BASIC 3.6. It is not tested on a real machine and it is possible, that it can't be run on it. You can try to run GOLDSRAT.PRG or GOLDSRAT.GFA in a GFA BASIC interpreter. GOLDSRAT.PRG runs with the emulator hatari 1.8.0 and its built-in EmuTOS-image ( GOLDSRAT.PRG also runs with Steem v3.2 and the TOS-ROM tos1.02de ( It isn't compatible to STEmulator. GFA BASIC was chosen as programming language to write a program compatible to EmuTOS. The game can also be run with hataroid and its built-in EmuTOS-image. hataroid is available for Android devices.

GoldSearch Race is a version of the round based game GoldSearch for one and two players. The players don't move round based but at the same time with the cursor keys, s, y (or z), x and c. A player has won, if he found gold. Bombs send him back to the starting point, which is selected with the keyboard at the beginning. Other fields are waiting field, where the player has got to wait for 30 frame, turbos in a selectable direction and throw back fields, where the player is sent six fields back, if he wasn't sent to the beginning less steps ago. Then he is sent back less steps and only to the beginning. You can quit with the ESC key.