This is a game for ATARI ST mono emulators. It is written in GFA BASIC 3.6. It is not tested on a real machine and it is possible, that it can't be run on it. You can try to run EXPLOAT.PRG or EXPLOAT.GFA in a GFA BASIC interpreter. EXPLOAT.PRG runs with the emulator hatari 1.8.0 and its built-in EmuTOS-image (https://hatari.tuxfamily.org/download.html). EXPLOAT.PRG also runs with Steem v3.2 and the TOS-ROM tos1.02de (http://steem.atari.st). It isn't compatible to STEmulator. GFA BASIC was chosen as programming language to write a program compatible to EmuTOS. The game can also be run with hataroid and its built-in EmuTOS-image. hataroid is available for Android devices.

You must select your bases and send bombs to the stones with the white rectangles. The bomb must explode over the stone. Other stones are eliminated, if a bomb flies over them. You select the flying direction with the mouse after you selected a base. The explosion distance is four times the distance from mouse pointer and base center. The distance in pixels is shown in the text line above the gamefield. You can select one of ten levels.