Darkwar Bomber Mouse is a version of Darkwar Bomber, where two players try to hit the other players' cannons. They select a mode (flying or shooting) by clicking in space and click on a cannon symbol. A shooting or flying direction and a distance value are defined with two further mouseclicks. It's the other players' turn after the shot, if he still has got cannons. You can select one of two battlefield sizes at the beginning. If you play with nine screens, you can change the current screen with the arrow symbols next to the battlefield. The difference to Darkwar Bomber is, that no distance and direction values have to be entered with the keyboard.

Darkwar Bomber Mouse is written in JAVA.
The version in the main folder is compatible to JAVA 1.1.8, MSJVM (JView) and JAVA 1.8 and uses a deprecated JAVA API. You find applet versions and versions, which don't use a deprecated JAVA API, in the subfolders.