Astro Solutions FREEWARE

Play 80 games in your browser without entering personal data!

You can download some of the Astro Solutions freeware releases on this page. There are much more free games, internet tools, file tools, filesharing tools (for developers), developer tools, mobile tools and tools which are not in any popular category in the Astro Solutions Software archive.
Most programs don't need any installation, the others require an installed free Java Runtime Environment and run without installation then. Some Astro Solutions JAVA-Tools don't run with the LINUX-version of JAVA.

AstroChip is a language for describing chips, which can visualized with AstroChipLayoutDB. XPRO32 is a mobile phone processor written and tested in AstroChip. There are more chips, which can be connected to it, in the software archive.

Download the OXCLONE3D Level Set!

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